Directorate of Technical Education, Higher Education Department, Tamilnadu has selected this institution for establishing FAB lab/Makers space named as INNOVATE TN LAB among the Government Engineering colleges by the M/S Forge, Coimbatore and operate for a period of 5 years from the Academic Year 2023-24 which was funded by TANSIM.

The various services offered by the M/S Forge for the Host institution are


24x7 access innovate lab ready for use by students and faculty for new product development and to promote innovate culture among students and faculty.




---- Workstation with Oscilloscope and PC with Labview software & Soldering Workstation


Sl.No Name of the Activity Duration Beneficiaries Outcome YouTube Link
1 Innovation Mentor - Capacity building program 01.09.2022 to 06.09.2022 Totally 37 staff members including 15 from GCE, Tirunelveli Trained Innovate Mentors Video Link
2 Ideation Sprint - 6 day immersive Innovation Bootcamp 31-10-2022 to 5-11-2022 90 Multidisciplinary teams comprising 457 students from 5 departments. Developed Proof-of-Concept and MUP solving 15+ Challenges curated from Smart Cities, Tirunelveli. Video LinkStudent Testimonies
3 Proto Sem 10.02.2023 -16.06.2023 45 students from Final Year B.E Students of GCE,TLY Launch of Protosem for the selected 46 students from Final Year B.E Students was conducted on. From 13.02.2023 the Protosem Course is ongoing in the Campus. The students were trained in Printed Circuit Design, CAD Design, IOT Application and App Development for the past two weeks. Video Link
4 Engineering Sprint 15 – 22nd May, 2023(Excluding 16 and 21) 433 students from Second year B.E students of GCE,Tly A 6-day program was conducted to strengthen the conceptual understanding of fundamental engineering concepts harnessing experiential learning strategies to unlock educational value and spark curiosity in students’ minds. The course is targeted towards beginners with little to zero experience. The course shall focus on teaching through a problem-solving approach using Street Fight Engineering principles pioneered by MIT; instead of the conventional approach, and by using self-directed activities that foster the growth of functional independence and self-driven learning. This kind of learning has a demonstrable effect on the candidates’ interest levels toward learning – as they aspire to create meaningful change and affect powerful change in the world - enabling them to build solutions that solve challenging Video Link
5 WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY 05.06.2023 All first year students Awareness on UN sustainability GOALS. -
6 InnovateTN - Project Based Learning During Summer Vacation [17-31.07,2023] Short listed second year and third year Volunteer project at the InnovateTN, GCE.Tvl. This is an opportunity to make the students learn new technologies by hands-on practice. Product development at Innovate TN lab is Tentatively planned between 17th to 31st July. -
7 Orientation and Innovation Awareness Program 07.08.2023 Faculty Members The faculty members were briefed with the various operations of Innovate TN centre and their role as Mentors. -
8 INTERNATIONAL YOUTH DAY EVENT - INNOVATE FOR IMPACT (Jointly with StartupTN) 11.08.2023 Interested final and third year students and selected students from other colleges Out of 100 students participated, the few students have been nominated with Free entry pass to participate in the Startup Thiruvizha, Coimbatore -
9 Innovation Mentor - Capacity building program 28.08.2023-02.09.2023 Totally 46 staff members including 15 from GCE, Tirunelveli Trained Innovate Mentors Video Link
10 Ideation Sprint - 6 day immersive Innovation Bootcamp 25.10.2023 - 31.10.2023 Multidisciplinary teams comprising 440 students from 5 departments. Developed Proof-of-Concept and MUP solving 15+ Challenges curated from Smart Cities, Tirunelveli. -
11 Innovation Sprint 1-11.23-3.11.23& 7.11.23-9.11.23 Multidisciplinary teams comprising 323 students from 5 departments. Developed prototype -


INAUGURATED BY TMT. LAXMI PRIYA, IAS.,Commissioner of Technical Education, Chennai.


Orientation and Innovation Awareness Program on 07.08.2023

Principal, Dr.S.Sidhardhan distributing offer letters to student at the Launch of PROTOSEM

International Innovation Festival 2023 - by the CAPE Institute of Technology & with UN-SDSN

CEO of Sunshiv Electronics Solution Mr.Sundara Moorthy- AutoCAD, PCB design and assembly

Mr. Karthik Das, FORGE TEAM - Introductory talk on Street Fight Engineering

Printed Circuit Board design and assembly made by students



Sl.No Company Challenge Descirption Team
1 Bell Pin - Labs Improving efficiency of Electroplating plant using automation : Non Automation of electroplating process leads to huge waste in time, lower quality in output which leads to rejection of product and also retards the brand name. Making this process robust will help achieve better efficiency and productivity leading to better profits as well Jermin Job M (ECE), Pravin.S (ECE), Ramya S (EEE), Rajapandi M (MECH)
2 Bell Pin - Labs Financial and production loss in Medium scale electroplating industries due to inconsistent addition electroplating liquid. : Electroplating plant uses a chemical solution that needs to be added gradually and consistently to get quality output. Loss of consistency due to labor dependency in adding electroplating liquid causes decrease in quality and production. This leads to financial and production loss in Medium scale electroplating industries Sajeetha Banu S (ECE),Sheik Mujibur Rahman P (MECH),Mohamed Sheik Mansoor V M (Mech), Ruhie.N (ECE)
3 Thazhal Geo Spatial Analytics Land Price mapping and resource management system : Land Price mapping and resource management system to track historical Land price and thereby help in resource planning for the city. The land price data can help the real estate sectors and investors to know the minimum risk investment places. The land price can be affected due to climate related problems like groundwater depletion and high pollution. Varshana Muki.B (ECE), S K SharmaNagarjun (MECH ), Hemalatha A (CSE), Anandhaguru (CSE)
4 Brand Maxima Pregnancy Health Tracking : Inconsistent Pregnancy data leads to inaccuracy of diagnosis which eventually creates medication complications for both mother and baby. A device that can provide vital information to mother and caretaker and give alerts during critical situation will make pregnancy and childbirth smooth process Muthu kumar V (MECH),Amritha Lakshmi B R (CSE), Venciya R (CSE), Por Pandian (ECE)
5 Brand Maxima Green Cover and Carbon Foot print mapping for the city: Non Availability of tree data makes it hard to understand green cover absorption of the city thereby having adverse environmental effects Tracking of Trees in Tirunelveli district and mapping them with QR code to have real time data and trees present and find the equivalent carbon absorption to match the expected Green cover of the city Naren Karthik M (EEE), Malathi K (EEE), Priyadharshini K (CSE),Anu Jasmine Swetha P (EEE)
6 Volar Alta Delivery of Cold chain Medical essential using Drones : Last-mile delivery of vaccine and other cold-chain medical essentials using drones to Primary and Community Health Centers across rural areas. This will democratize access to healthcare in rural areas, thus facilitating timely access of medical essentials while preventing overcrowding at urban hospitals. This will result in a significant decline in the number of avoidable deaths across rural areas. Priyadharshini K (CSE), Iswarya (MECH), Kaveri (ECE),Addal Rakkini (MECH)
7 Student Project Automating upkeeping of toilets hence making it hygienic and usable: Upkeeping of toilet is challenging for hospitals as they lack adequate number of labours to upkeep it preoidically and consistently. Due to which the toilets remains dirty and patients,caretaker accompanying them,doctors and nurses finding it unusable. Pritha R (ECE),Shrinivasan S (MECH),Balavigneshwaran M (CSE),Vanitha A (CSE)
8 Internal-CiX Online monitoring of water supply pipe lines to identify water leakage: Water supply pipeline from MK Dam to the RDC plant is approx. 25 Kms long. Real-time monitoring of leakages is done through only 2 flow meters located at both ends of the pipelines. This leads to delayed response times due to the time taken to identify the leakage points. A comprehensive solution is needed to identify and locate leakages in real-time. Mahaboo shifana fathima (ECE),Vijayalakshmi V (ECE), Anandaraj (CSE), Reshmi Fiona T (ECE)
9 Internal Safelty enhance system for hazardous gas leakage : Wearable Gas Detection and Real-time Communication System for advanced Industrial Safety Satheesh (ECE), Mohamed Athikur Rehman A (EEE), K.S.Lakshmy Priya (MECH), Dinesh (ECE)
10 Internal-CiX Street Light Monitoring System: Citywide Street Light Monitoring and Fault Detection System to Enhancing Safety and Efficiency Kowsiga R (ECE), Sangeetha (CSE), Vijaya Diwaharan C (CSE)
11 Internal Temperature Regulator for Solar water heater : Efficient and Sustainable Solar Water Heating Solution with Temperature Regulation for Enhanced Resource Management Raja Vignesh B (Mech), Kavisha.U (ECE), kamali (ECE), Sankara Nainar M (MECH)


Two Proto Sem teams from our institution GCE, Tirunelveli , Feisty Titans working Toilet Automation and Team TEDA working Carbon Footprint reduction and Green Cover enhancement have got selected for International Innovation Festival 2023 organised by the CAPE Institute of Technology in collaboration with
UN-SDSN (United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network) conducted during 15th-17th June

Student’s team participated in the International Innovation Festival 2023

  • Shrinivasan.S Mech
  • Pritha.R-ECE
  • Varshana muki.B-ECE
  • Sharama nagarjun-Mech
  • Dinesh kumar-ECE
  • Vijayalakshmi-ECE
  • Anand Raj-CSE
  • Priyadharshini-CSE
  • Naren Karthik-EEE

A GCE team emerged as a winner out of 80 teams at the International Innovation Festival at Cape CAPE Institute of Technology in collaboration with UN-SDSN
(United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network)

Winning Team : Feisty Titans
Srinivasan.S (Mech), Pritha.R (ECE), Balavignesh (CSE), Vanitha (CSE)

Their efforts were appreciated by many dignitaries including Registrar of Anna University, Mr.Ravikumar, Mr.Jebamalai Principal Advisor for United Nations Innovation Development Organization (UNIDO). All of them expressed their further support as well